Woman – A color of life !


Today’s day has been celebrated since long.  In 1975, During International women’s year, UN began celebrating women’s day on 8th March.

So, today on the occasion of International women’s day, many organisations and institutes are showing up to their workplace with a COLOR code pink or red.

But I would like to remind you all about the festival of colors “HOLI” which was celebrated couple of days ago.

What is this festival really about?

Everyone of us if asked the meaning of “HOLI”, we all  explain it in every possible meaning of this festival. And if you ask google, it gives the same explanation as people. But, very few of them know what actually does this festival of colours(which is the most given definition by everyone)mean.

The festival which was known for the colour of love, joy, respect in an era of RADHA & KRISHNA has now changed totally from beautiful to a sad and a dangerous one.

This festival in today’s era has become just another chance to misbehave under the tagline “BURA NA MANO HOLI HAI!” But why, why do we need to force her to play if she is not feeling the same?

Recently I came to know about an incident which took place in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai. A girl, while she was playing holi outside got kidnapped by the group of 4-5 boys. After 5 hours of kidnapping that girl was found in an unconscious state of mind near Sanpada railway station. She didn’t file any complaint nor did she give any statement about the incident as she was terribly scared of the incident. Is this not shameful? Why to play with someone’s feelings in the name of festival.

Is it always necessary to use the tagline “BURA NA MANO HOLI HAI”? and  perform any kind of crime  on this day too, number of incidents take place which is definitely inappropriate.

If you’re putting colour on a girl without her consent, you’re not playing instead you’re just harassing her just to entertain your selfish self!

Is any one aware of the holi festival which was played centuries ago in the ages of RADHA & KRISHNA? They actually played in the way it has to be played. People at that time never used a tagline “BURA NA MANO HOLI HAI”. And no one used to hurt anybody instead they all played holi with love, care, by respecting their elder ones and not by harassing anybody in any way. And today! Holi has just become another reason to harass and misbehave and they don’t even care of her consent. Holi is a souvenir of victory of good over evil.

Holi is something that everyone shouts, enjoys and let others enjoy from core of one’s soul. Just think for at least once if a single soul is getting hurt, how can we call it a festival? In fact any little or big thing that hurts anyone cannot be a good one. Ever thought why do small kids feel so much excited about this festival or any festival? It’s just their innocence, kindness and love that they don’t think of forcing or hurting people.

After all Holi is an essence! Essence of pureness, goodness and eternal love. The love of RADHA & KRISHNA which was eternal, selfless, wholly pure and unconditional. And so, holi is a beautiful festival which is not only meant to be played with colours but also to be felt by the heart and soul. Because Holi is played by the colour of love, joy, respect and every beautiful feeling which cannot be put into words.

I request everyone here to play this festival in the way it has to be played and not by hurting anyone by any means. You’ll really get to know the real meaning of Holi and what religious power does it hold.

Also if you’re witnessing any incident which is inappropriate it’s your duty to stop that. And putting chemical colours, oil paints, grease, egg and every harmful thing on a person is wrong and should not be tolerated.

After all, woman is someone who adds colors to your life in the form of love, care, respect and what not!!… Every woman in your life plays an important role and so, never let anyone hurt her soul(purest soul).

And also please play holi with only safe colors and not with anyone’s feelings. Because,”BURA TOH LAGEGA HI NA, JAB ZABARDASTI HOGI!!!”

I wish every woman out there a Happy women’s day and belated Holi.

Thank you!

Prachi Pandey
She is a student of Electronics Engineering at A.C Patil college of Engineering. She is also a music enthusiast and likes singing as well as writing inspirational articles during her free time !

6 thoughts on “Woman – A color of life !

  1. “Holi is a beautiful festival which is not only meant to be played with colours but also to be felt by the heart and soul. ”

    The Perfect Holi wish!!!

  2. Great article. Very deeply thought. Nice move to do a bit to create awareness. Proud of you. Keep writing.

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