What is 5G ? When do we get to see 5G ? Here is what we know about it till now

It is known that there are 320 crore people worldwide who use the internet everyday and this number is increasing every year ! 🤔


So, in order to meet the surplus demand every year we are always in a need of better internet facilities. We need more power to deliver the surplus demand in terms of internet speed or simply network availability. 🤓

G in 2G, 3G,4G and 5G stands for the “Generation” of the mobile network. A higher number before the ‘G’ means more power to send out and receive more information and therefore the ability to achieve a higher efficiency through the wireless network.

So 5G is the latest generation (yet to launch) of mobile phone network. Right now we are only exposed to 4G network while 5G network is still under the hood for development !

How fast is 5G compared to 4G ?

The download speed of a 4G network is capable of reaching 150 Mbps(mega bits per second). There are other versions of the 4G network such as the 4G-LTE (advanced) or 4.5G  which is capable of reaching speeds of upto 300 Mbps🤓 In simple words you would be able to download a 500 MB (500 mega bytes) file in under 5 minutes using a 4G network whereas it would take you 2 minutes to download the same 500 MB file using 4.5G network.😏 But 5G is much faster than 4G or 4.5G A 5G enabled device is capable of reaching download speeds of more than 1 Gbps (Gega bits per second). In simple words it would take you 20 seconds download the 500 MB file ! This year samsung has developed a 5G home router which is capable of having a download speed of 4 Gbps ! 😍😘

This means that you would be able to download a 50GB game in under two minutes, or a 100GB 4K movie in under four minutes !

5G is also a technology for which many people may be waiting because it promises faster loading web-pages and better connectivity at a lower price.🤑🤑

When will 5G arrive ?

5G technology for cellular systems will probably start around 2020 with deployment following on afterwards. But right now many companies have thought of the launch as early as 2019. However, the data services will begin only by the year 2020. 😍

The 5G network will not only be faster than its predecessor but it would also have better network availability and range.😎 Video calling and conferencing will be transformed to a whole new dimension. Other than that 5G will also be the single most common network to be in use. 💫

5G is more complex than any connectivity technology that came before it. We have a lot of ground to cover, but we’ve done this before with 3G and 4G. We’re already making significant progress on 5G wireless networks and are eager to lead the world into an exciting new era of connectivity.” 

Matt Grob, Vice-president of Qualcomm technologies.

We always tend to assume that there is electricity ⚡available whenever we visit any place and we often both don’t take precautions🔍. Similarly, we will never doubt the presence of internet because 5G will dominate the entire internet globe ! 🌎


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