The heart of a Nun- An unachievable Love story

It was a summer evening, the sky had turned saffron. The fishermen had begun to retreat after a long day at fishing. David was lying on the deck of his small boat covering his eyes with his forearms from the sun rays and enjoying the sound of the birds chirping and the sea waves hitting the rocks.

In the midst of his daydreaming, he hears a voice. He opened his eyes and stood to see, his sister, running towards him and shouting, “Dada she has arrived. Finally, she has arrived.” David took a while to understand who she is referring to. On realizing his eyes sparkled with joy and without wasting a moment he jumped off his boat to swim towards the shore. After he reached the shore he looked at his sister and ran towards the bus stand in the city square. After running for almost a mile he reached to see the lady he has been craving to meet for years.

Vasilisa had returned to her hometown after 5 years.  Both of them looked deeply into each other’s eyes. David couldn’t resist hugging her as he never wanted to let her go, but Vasilisa took a step back to make him realize the reality. The sunset and the sound of wave gave a beautiful background to this unachievable love story…


Inter-high school football championship, the final match between Bishops and St Andrew’s ends in a draw. Penalty shootouts are conducted for the result. Both the teams were giving a tough fight. St Andrew’s saves a penalty against the Bishops. For St Andrew’s a thin lanky boy walks in. A moment of glance exchanged between him and the goalkeeper. Whistle blew, strike and goal!

St Andrews wins the final by one goal. The scorer was none other than David. All the team members and spectators ran towards the ground and scoop David for this Marvelous win. While everyone was busy congratulating David, there was a petite girl with curly hair standing at a distance and admiring him. The happiness in her eyes gave a clear reflection of the love she had for David. After a while, she shook her head and started walking away. David spotted her and ran towards her shouting, ‘Hey “Vanilla” wait!’. She stopped for a while and said, ‘its Vassilisa or simply Lisa.’ ‘But you are my favorite cup of vanilla’, David winked.  ‘Everyone congratulated me for the win except you!’ He added. ‘Precisely, everyone congratulated you so what difference do I make?’ She replied. ‘You are my best friend ’, David said.  ‘For homework and projects?  Yes’, she said and walked away.

Lisa was always this blunt to David but deep inside she was very tender to him and even David knew this. That’s why he always took her for granted. The only thing he was unaware of was Lisa’s undying love for him.

Months passed by, their friendship remained constant but Lisa’s love for David became stronger and she started feeling more insecure. In a quarter of months they were going to have their  12th boards and after that, no one had any idea where they would be heading to.

One day, both of them were sitting by the shore on a winter evening sipping tea from plastic glasses. Lisa gathered every ounce of courage, held his hand looked into his eyes and said ‘ I love you, David’. David was astonished at first but he broke the moment by laughing at her.  All the courage she had gathered went in vain and she was shattered. But her feelings were so strong that she never gave up and constantly confronted him. Even David had latent feelings for her but he always took her for granted and never acknowledged her feelings. Also, he was not new to these proposals as he had a bunch of girls around him. Little did he know that this one was different and special.

12th boards came by and Lisa’s insecurities increased. She knew she was going and she might not be able to meet David again. She just wanted him to stop her and reciprocate what she felt for him. But David was always consumed in his life and procrastinated his feelings for her.

A day before the last exam Lisa made her last try and called David on his landline. He picked up the call, ‘Listen, David I am asking you this for the last time, will you be mine?’, ‘Not today Lisa, please.’ He said irritated. ‘Tomorrow will be too late David’, she said. ‘One day doesn’t make any difference, I need to study. Bye’, he hung up the call.

After the exam, David was searching for Lisa but he couldn’t find her. He decided to go home freshen up and meet her in the evening. While entering his house he found a small piece of paper below a pebble. He opened it and read:

It was really my last time, David. I couldn’t be yours and now I can’t be anyone else’s. I am going to become a nun. I wish you could have stopped me. Will love you forever. Bye.

Pratik Bhosle
A Sports Enthusiast, passionate Traveller, Aspiring writer, and an Electrical engineer.

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