Squirrels and nuts

I hope you guys liked my first article “Clown on a bench” or at least get to know some interesting facts.

Today I have something very interesting stuff, information to share with you guys.

So let’s start our journey.

You must have seen squirrels if you have ever been in a village or rural area. But have you ever observed the unique behaviour of these bushy-tailed creatures of collecting nuts and burying them in the ground? Squirrels hide nuts this way as preparation for cold weather when otherwise food will be scarce.

But the sad part is they later fail to recognize the place where they have hidden them.

A study done at the University of Richmond cites that squirrels fail to recover up to 74% of the nuts they bury.

Now, this might be frustrating for squirrels and it’s their greatest mistake.

But their greatest mistake is the biggest blessing. As millions of trees are accidentally planted by the squirrels who bury nuts and forget them.

We live in a city of infinite dreams. And we all have equal time to become unequal. But we also have fear of trying or learning new things, fear to commit mistakes, fear of being judged by other.

I learnt some good things from the above story.

Do good and forget, it will grow someday.

Not all mistakes are bad, some are good too.

Keep doing your work and don’t worry about mistakes.

From nuts (seeds, in general), I learnt that sometimes negative people or situation will try to demotivate you. They will try to bury you. But they do not know that you are a seed. You will grow bigger.

Go and try new things, write your first research paper, learn a new language, learn cooking, build your first app, read some books, write awesome articles.

And don’t forget version 2 will always be better than version 1.

All I want to say is Make mistakes and grow bigger.


The major barrier to skill acquisition is not intellectual…. it’s emotional.


Small steps…Miles to go

Rushabh Singh
Rushabh is a computer Engineering student from VESIT. He is fond of writing on various platforms such as Quora. He has his interests also in music and dance. Rushabh also has a keen interest in Spirituality, Technology and Psychology

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