Our Saviour

I had been trying to make my dog fall asleep for the past 10 minutes. Just sitting beside him and
petting him behind his ear seems to make him feel sleepy. But, the slightest sound woke him up
and I had to start the process all over again.
You must be wondering why you’re reading this nonsense. But wait, don’t go just yet. The
reason why I told you that bit about my dog was to emphasize what I’m about to tell you. Think
of it as a backstory.
The thing that I didn’t tell you yet was the part where just stroking my dog behind his ear made
me experience peace. No, I’m not talking about the spiritual yada yada that tells you to do this
and that every day (although I’m sure they’re good for us in some way; it must be, right?)
What I mean by peace is the wave of calmness that washes over us when we watch the ripples
in a pond, or while listening to a song. That wave of calmness, which is sometimes
accompanied by goosebumps, can be properly described as serenity and tranquility. When the
whole world around you just fades out and all the racing thoughts in your mind slow down for a
second. Yeah, that feeling.
How many times do you remember feeling that? I can count mine on one hand. They come by
so rarely that we forget that such a thing even exists. Plus, feeling such a thing in a city is, quite
frankly, almost impossible. And, it can’t be forced in any way. It just happens to you, on its own.
It’s just like sleeping. The more you try to sleep, the more it just slips out of your grasp.
The only thing we can do when we feel it, is cherish it. Enjoy that moment to the fullest. Enjoy it,
like it’s the last time you’re gonna feel it, but hope that you get to feel it again.
In our world of madness, this intangible feeling might just turn out to be ‘our savior’

Shriya Mukherjee
She is an Electronics Engineering student. Shriya loves to read fiction as well as listening to music and singing. She is also a good poet and loves to be open to new experiences !

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