Our friends !


I’m sure you’ve met people you admire and envy because of their ability to make friends in a
flash. And wished that you have the same ability, the same time, the same charisma that they
possess. Or it could be that you already are that person and are happy with how everything
turns out to be in your life. Whichever it is, trust me, the coming few paragraphs are for you.
In our daily hectic life, where we have no time to even breathe properly, did you ever stop to
consider what would happen if you died suddenly? I know I did. I thought about it for days on
end. It was like a nagging puppy who just won’t leave you alone. And can you guess what I

I realised that even though I have many friends whom I share my life and my experiences with, I
can count the number of people who would actually be affected by my death on just a single
hand. That’s right, just 5 individuals. I’ll admit, I’ve just had 18 years of experience of life, and
that I have not yet lived my life fully. But, bear this in mind, I am a very good observer (a
Sherlock fan, so that’s expected 🙂 right?  ). So I can tell whether others actually do care about me
or not.
Now, I’m not saying that the other people are insensitive and that they don’t care whether you
live or die, (even though those people exist too). I’m sure they’ll have a brief moment of regret
and sadness. But, it’s nothing compared to the pangs of grief experienced by the people who
truly care about you.
We are the generation of young people who have spent half our lives on social media,
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it. And all of that trouble to just accomplish the task of
making more friends (some people do it to gain fame too). We sacrifice real-life occasions and
events in favor of our glamorous and superficial online life. That’s why it’s so necessary for us
to stop, and think about who are friends really are.

Just remove all the cobwebs from your brain,
and think…who would really care if you die ?!


Shriya Mukherjee
She is an Electronics Engineering student. Shriya loves to read fiction as well as listening to music and singing. She is also a good poet and loves to be open to new experiences !

1 thought on “Our friends !

  1. This article radiates a very harsh truth of life.
    Very less people realise this truth while living through life. Most of us get too much engaged in impressing those people who don’t care about us and end up neglecting those handful of people who really care and love us.
    Looking forward for more such articles

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