Living in constant fear

“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.”

Japanese Proverb

Every day everyone works hard. People run from one place to other either in the search of the job or to complete the assignment given to them. Some sit in the chair from 9 to 5 pm while entering data on the computer or designing and inventing new things or some just sign on papers and give instructions. Even though we do different things at different locations at the same time, there’s this one thing called “Fear” which keeps everyone going. It’s not the thought of earning more money or gathering knowledge, but it’s the fear that keeps us going.  The thought of not completing the assignment or failing in exams or getting fewer marks in exams. We all have fears of all type of things which makes us do things, even though we don’t want to do them. We fear failure. We don’t want to fail at any point in time and yet we have to become a success in life. No matter how much motivated we get by seeing the inspirational or motivational video, the fear of the society or the parents keep us away from attending the golden lessons the life has to offer. It’s the fuel that keeps pushing our vehicle of life.

We all live in the constant fear. Every day we face new problems, new people, new circumstances and with that our fear just keeps on increasing. We fear to talk to people. We fear to take new responsibilities. We fear to admit that we don’t know things. We fear to speak out, may it be in debates or may it be in front of our parents or may it be any kind of presentation. We fear that if we don’t perform the rituals then the god would get angry on us, which eventually leads to superstition. We fear to say what we feel. We fear to say “I love you” to the person whom we like from the bottom of our heart or with whom we want to spend our entire life.

And then slowly and slowly this fear starts turning into regret. It’s a simple Fear-Regret-I wish process going on in circles. First, you are afraid of doing things. All of us are, but out of that all, half of them are able to overcome their fears. Then comes the second step of this so-called Fear-Regret-I wish Process, that is regret. Regret in simple words means feeling guilty about the things which you haven’t done and that’s what having fears leads us to.

Once we start fearing things, then the people around start us start taking advantage of that fear and do things which increases our fear. They feed on our fear. So we have to be smart enough to control our fears. Even if we have fear of some things, don’t tell a lot of people about it. Keep the number of people, who know your fears, to a minimum. But in order to avoid all this ruckus and chaos, it’s better to not fear or stop being afraid of some of the things in our life. We should always be open up to the person we love the most instead of keeping it in us. Remember one should only fear death and nothing else. So if you are of  afraid to do something or fear someone, then ask yourself “Will this kill me?” “Will this affect my life? If yes, then in which way. Good way or bad way?”  No matter what answer you get, if it’s not killing you, then without having any second thoughts one should go ahead with that. As the proverb at the starting said “Fear is only as deep as the mind allows” so if we train our mind and body to not to be afraid of things then there would come a time, where the things we are afraid of being less. If we keep telling ourselves that there’s nothing to fear as it is just an illusion of wall which you have to cross by jumping, which may not be a simple task. It may happen that while overcoming your fear, you may not be successful on our first try but it will teach you many things that you can avoid during the second attempt. Never stop trying. Remember that. You may not be able to succeed in your first attempt, but I’m sure that with constant trying you will succeed in your 10th or 20th or 50th try. But at the end, it all depends on what level you try.

You know it’s not bad to not fear anything. Actually one should be afraid of one or two things, as it keeps the person in control and makes sure that the person is on the right path. If one is not afraid of anything then he/she may take everyone for granted and do things which may not be forgivable. He/she may think that no one is greater than him/her. So be afraid of things, but not to the extent where your fear turns into regret and makes you feel guilty about you, your life and your decisions,

Also, remember to be optimistic about your life. Always try to find ways and try to look at everything in a positive way. I’m sure you will find a way to overcome your fears. As fear is only a wall in between you and your success, which you have to cross by jumping over it. The jump is not simple as you will fall many a time before you reach the top of the wall and see the beautiful scenario of the other side.


Sumeet Garad
He is an Engineer hailing from Fr. Agnel college, Navi Mumbai. His interests include watching anime, writing poems, shayaris, blogging, music, trekking as well as trying to solve people’s problem. His soul passion is to build a problem-free world where people are happy and if someone is having trouble, people sit together to solve it.

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