How to wake early every morning and still feel active !

You might wonder why is it so difficult to wake up early in the morning and that too every single day ! It feels as if you have been just hit by a truck ! The pain, affliction and misery of waking up early not only makes you feel droopy but also dwindles your mood off !

You might be surprised to know that science is still in its infancy in understanding the why’s and how’s of sleep and sleeping patterns. Here i have crowded together a scientific method captured from a psychology based research paper that is steered at reducing your sleep quota while waking up earlier in the morning and still feel normal !

I have explained this method step by step but i have also made a short video that summarizes the long narrated story in 2 minutes ! You can view it below.


First Step 

Make a habit of waking up at a fixed time every morning. For example, if you wake up at 9:00 am every morning then PLEASE continue waking up at 9:00 am but after you wake up at 9:00 am you MUST NOT snooze your alarm clock.

It is okay to wake up late and miss things out rather than getting up with a habit of snoozing your alarm clock !

When you are in the semi-sleep state especially when you have just woken up, your subconscious mind is alert and active. When you feed your mind with the habit of snoozing your alarm clock you are actually programming yourself to be a procrastinator ! Once you begin your day by snoozing your alarm clock you will definitely snooze and reprieve many important tasks ! Before learning to wake earlier than usual you need to learn how to wake up without snoozing your alarm. This will help you to be more productive in the later steps as explained further.

This is the main reason why even after waking up early in the morning we are unable to work more than normal

So the first step is to wake at your normal time without snoozing your alarm clock (or mobile phone !). After you are have practiced the first step for at least 4 weeks then you are ready for the second step.

Second Step

After at least 4 weeks of waking up at normal time, set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier than usual and get conformed to waking up at that time ! For example, if you woke up at 9:00 am for the last four weeks then start waking up at 8:45 am every morning. Now you have to continue waking up at 8:45 am for the next 3 weeks (without snoozing !).

Third Step

After three weeks reduce your sleep quota by 15 minutes by waking up earlier than usual. For example, if you wake up every morning at 8:45 am try waking up at 8:30 am. You have to continue doing this for the next three weeks. The holy grail over here is to avoid snoozing your alarm clock.

Final Step

Repeat the above steps and reduce your sleep quota by an amount of 15 minutes every three weeks. If you have been persistent in doing this, you will notice that the amount of time you require to complete your sleep cycle has reduced dramatically. You will notice that within a period of 6 months you have reduced your sleep requirement by 2 hours ! You will also notice that your body stays more active and doesn’t procrastinate much !


Case Study

There was once a professor who tried this exact same method while he was doing his research as a student. The only thing that he did was to reduce his sleep quota down on a weekly basis. He was consistent in reducing his sleep and within a period of few months he started sleeping for only 4 hours a day. He continued using this method and kept reducing his sleep. Eventually he found himself sleeping for only 2 hours a day but still feeling as if he had just slept for 7 hours ! He tried to reduce it more but then he started feeling tired and weak so he increased his sleep quota to 2 hours a day ! He continued sleeping for 2 hours a day for many years. Later in his life when he settled down he increased his sleep quota to 4 hours a day. But now he feels as if he sleeps 8 hours a day even though he sleeps for only 4 hours a day !

Leonardo Da Vinci  had once quoted – ” Sleeping is a waste of time !”

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