Have you heard about the new surgeon robots which could enter your body to cure you ?

Surgery is something we all are scared about.The thought of undergoing a surgery is in itself very frightening.Therefore Scientists all over the world are trying hard to build technology to avoid the task of cutting and stitching that is required in surgery.

There are many inventions done in this field.One of them is a unique surgeon robot which can scan as well as deliver medicine.

The surgeon robot that we are going to discuss today is a very special kind of a robot.This robot is in the form of a capsule which you would swallow like any other normal tablet.Once the capsule reaches your stomach it automatically navigates to the desired locations in your stomach and then ejects medicine.

This robot has got a built in camera and wireless internet connection so that the doctor can control the robot movements by using a screen.It can roll inside the stomach  or just move forwards backwards and so on !.It can also examine the tissues and determine the cause of any disease.This is known as ‘Biopsy’.If you want to see how this looks like then take a look at the video below.




This type of medical application is called as MASCE (Magnetically Actuated Soft Capsule Endoscope ).

In the video shown above you could see that a robot in the form of a capsule is demonstrated.This robot is to be swallowed by the patient and once it reaches the stomach it can be controlled from outside by a doctor using a controller.

This robot will go to the location in the stomach which the doctor will indicate using his or her controller and the robot will eject the antidote or medicine in that location.Isn’t that interesting ???

Do you think this method is reliable ? is it risky ? What do you feel about this ?


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