Have you heard about the Indian buffalo which costs much more than any of your Rolls Royce cars ?

We all have heard about luxury cars and massive apartments🏬🏫 worth crores of rupees. But has anyone ever heard about an animal 🐃🐃which costs as much as any of these prized possessions🏠🎸, or perhaps even more ???

The image shown above is the picture of the 9 year old super buffalo whose name is Yuvraj ! 🎉🎉He lives at the borders of Uttar Pradesh and has been a star for businessmen all over the world.This tough guy is about 9 feet long, 5 feet in height and weighs about 1500 kg !🏁

He is a gem for his proud owner who is a haryana resident❤ and yuvraj is like a family member to them.He consumes about 20 liters of milk 🍼 a day followed by 10 kg of fruits🍎,5 kg of fodder 🌳.He walks 5  km everyday just to be in a good shape !!👏👏 So how much does he cost ??….A WHOOPING 9.25 CRORES !!😱😱😱


But you might wonder why does he cost so much ? 😏😏The reason is very simple.This buffalo’s sperms are in high demand among the breeders.👍Breeders are ready to pay high amounts✋ for the buffalo’s semen.The said buffalo produces semen worth 80 lakh rupees per year !😍😍 Now you know why it’s so expensive ! However the per day expenditure for the buffalo is about 4000 rupees due to its  high standards of requirements.😰

To give you a brief idea consider the following aspects  :-

The Rolls Royce phantom car costs around 9 crores and therefore you can easily buy 1 such car🙏 if you have 9.25 crores with you(excluding the money which you have already made by selling buffalo semen ). Therefore this buffalo is much more expensive than a typical Rolls Royce car !😊😊

One unit of buffalo semen can produce about 500 doses 😇and each dose costs minimum 300 rupees.In the past four years Yuvraj has become a father to 1,50,000 babies ! 😅😅Each healthy calf is about 75 kg and such a single calf which is as healthy and capable as its father costs about Rs 2,50,000 ! So if you do the math you will realize that this buffalo is an enterprise in itself with a net worth of 37 thousand crores !!👀😱

But nobody told you this because everyone thinks that animal breeding and animal husbandry are only for the poor😩.This is what children are taught in school 😪unlike some village farmers who know the secret……… 😉😉

Derick Soans
He is an Aspiring Entrepreneur from Mumbai, India. He is also a Speaker, Blogger and an Electrical Engineer. He blogs about Technology, Employability and Psychology at classbunker and aims at encouraging people to find their life’s purpose via blogging.

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