Having negative thoughts in your mind ? Want to stop having these thoughts right now ? See what experts have to say

According to a research, the average human brain generates about 60,000 thoughts in a single day ? If you are under stress then this number might be even more. It is known that most of these are negative thoughts by nature. But why do these thoughts occur ? This article will give you an insight which would probably change the way you think !


You may often get disturbed by negative thoughts such as these ?- What if i lose my job?  What if i lose my near and dear ones ? What if i accidentally hurt someone ? What if I never become successful in life ? and the list goes on and on……

How to stop having negative thoughts ??

The first step is this – Don’t identify any thought as negative thought. It is just a thought and you are making it up. May be you like it ? What’s the problem ? If you understand that it is just a thought then it has no power ! If you think it is a reality then it destroys you. So i repeat that it is just a thought !

 Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Founder of ISHA Foundation

Sadhguru is a yogi and a world renowned yogic personality. Nowadays he is known for Rally for Rivers which is a movement led by him in collaboration? with many states in India. He is known for changing the lives of millions of people all over the world with his talks.?

The word ‘Thinking’ implies that you are doing something consciously  ? But right now it is in a state of a sort of a mental diarrhea ! Just pouring all the time ! ? Now the thing negative about it is that it is happening unconsciously. The content that you are thinking must not be treated as negative. There is no such thing such as if you thought about Devil ???, then it is negative or if you think about God ? then it is positive. The most negative thing right now is that it is happening unconsciously ! The content of your thoughts is not important.

Why positive thinking does’nt work much ?

Suppose you are a person who believes in positive thinking and you are stranded in an unknown place or situation. In that unknown place ,you start hearing creepy noise and start getting suspicious. But you don’t care, since you are a positive thinker and you avoid all negative thoughts and negative possibilities. In such a scenario, thinking positive could even kill you as you are ignorant of all possible threats ! ?So you need to learn to treat a ‘thought’ just as a ‘thought’. ✌

The very nature of the mind is such that if you try to stop a thought, it will not stop but instead it would make you think repeatedly the same thought. Just like this monkey ? !

Your mind belongs only to you. You must be able to roll out your thoughts anytime you like and roll it back anytime you like. But now this has become an unconscious process. ?

Many people have destroyed themselves while trying to stop the thoughts that they think are negative. First they create a thought which is false, then they try to fight and win something which is false. If they think about something which is already false and win it, they have already lost it…………..



As an example – You could always win against yourself at chess. But what difference would it make even if you lose ? So, there is nothing such as a negative thought or a positive thought. It is either a conscious process or a diarrhea !

How to stop the mental diarrhea ?

This is a challenge. Whenever you have a physical diarrhea, before starting any treatment, you would always wonder what you had eaten which caused this condition in you. You would stop eating whatever that caused the physical diarrhea. The same is true for a mental diarrhea ! The moment your body identifies with a food that the body does not support then you would have a physical diarrhea. Similarly, the moment your mind identifies with something that you are not, then it causes you trouble. Once you are identified with something you are not, the mind is an express train that cannot be stopped. If you put the mind on full steam and want to apply the brakes, it will not work. But if you are able to disentangle from everything you are not, the mind – If you dis-identify, as it were then you will see that the mind turns just blank and empty.

Let me tell you a story which will make it more clear to you about what I’m trying to express. Once it happened…for political reasons, Akbar, the great emperor, was separated in his infancy from his mother. Another woman who had a child of her own was brought in to nurse him. This woman breastfed Akbar, and was later offered a reward for her services.? Her boy, who was still a child, slightly older than Akbar, was allotted a few villages and was made a small ruler. Many years later, Akbar was crowned emperor. But this boy, who lacked the intelligence and capability required of a ruler, squandered all his resources, lost all that was given to him, and grew impoverished.?
One day, when he was about thirty-two years of age, a grand idea occurred to him. He thought, “Since the emperor and I drank the same mother’s milk, we are brothers. And since I was born first, I am the elder brother!”
With this idea ? planted firmly in his head, he went to Akbar and told him the same story. “See, we are
brothers, and I am elder to you. But look at my sorry state: I am poor, you are an emperor! How can you leave me like this?”
Akbar was deeply moved. He welcomed him, set him up in the palace, and treated him like a king. The
man was not accustomed to the ways of the court, and committed many stupid blunders.? But the generous Akbar kept saying, “He is my elder brother. We have drunk the milk of the same mother.” He introduced him to everybody as his elder brother.
This was the state of affairs for some time. Then it was time for the man to return to his village for
some work. Akbar said, “My brother, you lost those villages given to you. I shall give you five new
villages to rule—a small kingdom of your own.”
The man said, “But I see that you have become this successful because there are lots of smart people
around you. I don’t have anybody to advise me, and that is why I’m lost. If only I had good advisers and ministers, I would also have built a major empire. Above all, you have Birbal! He’s so smart. If only I had somebody like him I would also be a great emperor.”
The large-hearted Akbar said, “If you wish, you may take Birbal with you.”
He summoned Birbal and ordered him, “You must go with my elder brother.”
Birbal said, “Your Highness, your elder brother deserves someone better than me. Why not my elder
brother? I could send him instead.”
Akbar thought that was a great idea because he did not relish the prospect of losing Birbal. Delighted, he said, “Summon him immediately.”??
The next day this man was to leave for his new kingdom, and a grand farewell was organized in court.
There was a mood of anticipation in the air, as everyone waited for Birbal to arrive with his elder
Finally, Birbal entered with a bull ? in a tow.
“What is this?” Akbar asked.
Birbal said, “This is my elder brother.”?
Akbar was furious. “Are you trying to insult me and my brother?”?
“No, my lord,” said Birbal. “He is my elder brother. Both of us drank milk from the same mother.”??

Once your intellect gets identified with something, you function within the realm of this identity. Whatever you are identified with, all your thoughts and emotions spring from that identity.

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