Results are out  !!!

This sentence can shake any student’s state of mind, whether he’s a sincere one or an average one.

Every year, result comes up with some number of suicidal incidents because some of them quit to continue this precious life which itself is an examination and that too just to get rid of the outcomes they’re going to get and some take this action when they get its  outcome, which according to me in both way is the dumbest yet heroic action.

Firstly, why do we fear exams so much?

Also we need to understand why is examination placed in the system?

And the most important one, is exam all about just results?

So, the answer to the question is No.

Yes,  exam isn’t related to the result.

This sounds illogical, yeah? But if we observe properly result is just an outcome. So, why cry over the spilt milk?

Exam is very essential everywhere. Let it be a system of education, life or a relationship!

And there’s nothing to be afraid of  exams because in either way you’ll learn something i.e. if you fail, you’ll get an opportunity learn to overcome your fears and weaknesses all over again and if you succeed, then of course you get a more of self-confidence. And now let’s come to the second question i.e. why exam is placed in the system?

The basic thing we need to understand here is, exam is a part of the system (life) and not  that the system is a part of exam ! So, whatever is the output we don’t have to stress about it. Instead we can face that outcome with a positive attitude and can climb the highest!

Exams are there in system just to know where we are standing right now, not by comparing other person but to your past results. Yes, exams are necessary too because if we perform this, then only we’ll know how much more effort we’re lacking to succeed. So, why quit a life just because you don’t get the expected output? take an example of our experiments, if we don’t get output we change the process and don’t quit performing experiments.

So, if you don’t get the result you’ve been expecting then you got an opportunity to create a new path and go way too far towards success!

Let’s change our weird view regarding exams from toughest to the easiest(easiest if you’re honest to yourself).

And lastly always remember that exam is a part of the system and not that system is a part of an exam !

Thank you 🙂

Prachi Pandey
She is a student of Electronics Engineering at A.C Patil college of Engineering. She is also a music enthusiast and likes singing as well as writing inspirational articles during her free time !

3 thoughts on “Examinations

  1. I see what you’re saying but I think…
    Exams are just a huge memory game they very rarely test our understanding and ability to apply knowledge …!

  2. Simple and sweet… Exams are a just a way of evaluating the relative strength on a common ground and in no ways define who you are…. You cannot make a fish climb a tree

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