Dogs are a man’s best friend but is it the other way around too?

Yesterday I had a great evening. I met two of my college friends after a very long time, it was good to talk to them.

We discussed some problems with each other, some of them were solved successfully others were a bit complicated so we left those problems.

After having dinner and taking ‘N’ number of selfies finally we were ready to leave and suddenly some stray dogs came to one of my friends. Now I fear stray dogs so I stepped aside but she was having a great time with them and the dogs enjoyed her company too

I was a bit shocked seeing her like this because I never took her to be a dog person. After spending a bit time with the dogs we left and we went home as it was getting late.

After reaching home we shared our pictures and suddenly I saw a picture where she was playing with the dogs and it struck me that I should ask her how did she become so close with these stray dogs as she spends most of the time in college or sitting at home.

At that time I was also thinking of getting a pet dog because of all the unconditional love that a pure soul provides you without any expectations. So I asked her the same and to my shock the answer was sad ; really sad.

She started narrating an incident that recently happened near a railway station. One day she was traveling from college to home, it was a normal day nothing special but it was going to be one of the worst days of her life.

Standing on the platform, she was waiting for her train to arrive and as u know Mumbai locals are never on time, so she was just waiting there with her friends chirping and laughing, the usual ritual of Mumbai railway platforms. We often see stuffs we don’t observe. She didn’t know this either that the next few hours would make her observe life or lets be precise the life we don’t even count as one.

After a while, She saw a stray dog wandering on the railway track for food. Yes, you read right food – on the railway tracks. This wasn’t something unusual but soon the things got darker as he walked across the tracks; too hungry to decide anything. He found a few bites of crumbs on the tracks but the oncoming train was at it’s full speed. As soon as the train was just inches away, the dog bounced off from the track. But sadly, there was another train coming from the other side and he couldn’t escape the onslaught.

The dog was injured badly, his limbs chopped off, his body and tracks covered with blood, loudly crying in pain; that dumb animal could not even express his pain. He didn’t cry too long; maybe he knew people were deaf to his cry and pain. He knew that this was the end and he stopped sobbing after sometime. The “HUMANS” around were too casual about this incident, he was lying there; all bloody. My friend yelled and cried aloud for help, begging to bring him somewhere safe from the tracks.

If this wasn’t the height of inhumanity, the people nearby didn’t even try to help because their clothes and clean hands were more precious to them than life.

She couldn’t bear seeing him in pain so she went near him and tried to pull him out of the tracks. After seeing her helping the dog, some of her friends joined her and there were some “HUMANS” who had the heart and courage to save a dying life and together all of them took him to a corner.

They covered him with a stole so that the flies stay away from him gave him some water to drink and called several NGO’s to help him out. After trying 5 NGO’s 2 of them were ready to take and admit him.Finally there was some hope of saving that poor animal. But again we humans failed to help, the ambulance arrived after an hour. That poor animal passed because of the unbearable pain.

She was heartbroken standing there she had the chance but she couldn’t do anything because nobody was ready to take that poor thing to the hospital.

While listening to all this tear filled up in my eyes with a  thought in my mind

“ How can we humans, the most intelligent species in this world be so dumb and idiotic that we value our clothes and clean hands more than a life ?”.

She told me about some NGO’s and about their audacity of replying her with “We are having lunch and their our break time”

We will leave after an hour – “Madam, if the dog is going to survive then we would come or else we’ve got other business to do”.

This was a life changing moment for her, she pledged that no more animals will have to suffer again in the way this poor animal did. Now her future plans have changed from having a family/relationship to serving this creation of God who serve us unconditionally. She wants to start her own Animal NGO to serve animals. She wants them to have a “HOME” where they all can live happily. Starting with a small step she adopted a stray dog and named her as  “Diggy” and along with Diggy she also feeds and helps all the other stray animals.

The point of telling this story is that we have heard numerous stories of several animals saving us humans from miserable conditions. Whether it be a dog, a cat etc etc ,they are living  beings too, they have their own life. If they can understand the value of life, why can’t we?

People claim to be animal lovers – ready to pay millions in order to buy a special breed just so that they could show of ! But who has the heart and soul that is needed to adopt ordinary life !

If you would google “Animals saving life” you will get many examples of their greatness and selflessness and yet we see them as toys and play with them as if they were some object. We have seen many videos where people throw them here and there, play catch and throw, etc. What if these were your own kids? Would you do the same thing? No. then why them ?

With this I end my today’s topic but I want you to think about it. The topic will end today but the problem won’t !  We need to come together, save those little lives, give them only 1% of our love and believe me you will be shocked by seeing what you get in return..!!!

Thank you Anchal Singh for sharing this incident with us. We support your cause !

He is a Speaker/Trainer by profession at Studyleague Workshop Services. He is also a choreographer at MUX crew. Rajendra is a future Computer Engineer as well as a Whatsapp Influencer.

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