Do you know about the jobs which will not be available in the next 20 years ? See what experts say.…

Michio kaku, Theoretical physicist? at City college, London has stated that “ The only jobs that will be left for humans in the future are the jobs that robots cannot do “.

The robots that have been developed as of 2008 are capable of very simple tasks such as kicking a football,serving a glass of water,etc.

But the robot shown above is not as intelligent as it looks.??The robot does not know that water is wet even if it serves a glass of water.It does not even know that the football is round ! ?It is just programmed to complete a task. 

But the robots that have been developed as of 2017 are capable of working in a factory where the work doesn’t require much of creativity??.For example consider the stockroom worker robots as shown below.

It is estimated that robotics will kill 25 million jobs over the same period. ??Some 38% of jobs in the U.S. are at “high risk” of being replaced by robots and artificial intelligence over the next 15 years.?

This is an image of a bartender robot which can work double the amount as compared to a human bartender.You only need to fill the ingredients for the drinks !??

As robots get upgraded each year,repetitive jobs will be totally eliminated.? Software and artificial intelligence will put many traditional industries in danger.?

In America there is a company called as ROSS INTELLIGENCE who have designed a computerized robot lawyer.This AI based lawyer  named IBM WATSON is expected to be more efficient than a human lawyer.So,now you have a robot lawyer who will never do partiality with your court case!  ✊✊(assuming no one changes the robot’s program !? )

You may find it hard to believe me so do check a video shown below. Of course this robot is currently not strong enough to fight a case but it will definitely be capable in the next 10 years.

In 2030, computers will become more intelligent than humans in recognizing faces,patterns,life,emotions,etc

In June 2017, Scientists who were working in Facebook AI research (FAIR)  lab found out that the AI systems that they designed for the purpose of improving communication with people had stopped working suddenly.

These AI systems started creating their own language which humans can’t understand.It stopped using English and started using its own language so that its creator doesn’t undestand what the system is doing .In other words Facebook had run a risk of getting hijacked by its own AI systems which was meant for the betterment of users. ?Therefore Facebook decided to shut down its AI systems by the end of July 2017.

With the development of autonomous cars, many taxi and bus drivers may lose jobs. ?However,it would take much more than 20 years for that to happen.

So as per research data the jobs that will not be available in the future are as follows :


White collar Jobs : middlemen,low level accountants,bookkeepers,etc……

Blue collar jobs : Repetitive jobs will be eliminated like the automobile and textile industries will lose many jobs

The jobs which require creativity and intelligence will only be left out.? For example : Doing business,telling a joke,writing a script,doing science,etc…….

But there are many factors still which we have not considered.?In case of India this technology would take decades to come into effect.Also Google Autonomous cars have failed in the first test itself ?and a road accident case has already been filed against them. Moreover there are many laws that need to be changed for automation to be made legal. ?

Forget automation ! Some governments don’t even allow you to generate your own electricity and use it for yourself. ??

It is a highly debatable topic.Many people especially from the accounts background told me that it is not possible.Some engineers said that it will take time and rest of the people didn’t comment or are doubtful?

What do you feel about this?   Please mention in the comments below!!


Derick Soans
He is an Aspiring Entrepreneur from Mumbai, India. He is also a Speaker, Blogger and an Electrical Engineer. He blogs about Technology, Employability and Psychology at classbunker and aims at encouraging people to find their life’s purpose via blogging.

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