A unique lesson from the stock market that you can apply today !

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Today being 13th of February, a day just before Valentine’s day. People all over the world are scratching their heads in order to decide what gifts to buy for their special one. Meanwhile, the CRM  (customer relationship management) software belonging to all major food chains, Gift store, jewelry stores etc are busy sending Valentine’s day offers and deals to everybody they know on earth irrespective of whether they have a Valentine or not !

As we talk right now there are people who are shedding tears of joy while embracing each other every minute with filaments of love daunting their eyes ! While there are other people who are shedding tears of anguish of not having someone they once had or wondering if they would ever get that special someone !

But wait a minute ! Where does stock market come into all this ! Is this a mistake ? Absolutely not ! You will understand the secret tip at the end of this article !

Let me tell you a short incident that happened a few years back. There was a Man who was really interested in stock market and wanted to trade and make money. His aim was to trade in the stock market and MAKE MONEY out of ANY STOCK that is fit for him and had a good performance as well. He wrote his aim in a piece of paper. About that time, his relatives had made money by trading in a certain stock and had made huge returns out of it ! So, he thought he would trade in the same category of stock as that of his relatives.

Let us name that stock as ‘X‘ ( since I cannot name that stock in public)

He studied X with all his heart and analysed it thoroughly without leaving any loop holes. He applied his heart into it ( which turned out to be a mistake later on). With lots of expectations from this ‘X‘ , he bought this stock with everything he had ! He delighted with it’s price for many days and treated it as the apple of the eye. After a few months he invested again into ‘X’ with a lot of  expectations that this ‘X’ would make him rich within a few months ! He loved ‘X’ (sounds crazy)

But little did he know that his investment turned out to be a huge mistake ! His stock performance deteriorated week after week and he was advised by his already rich relatives to sell the stock at a minimum loss and just forget it ! But he refused to do that !

He refused to sell his ‘X’ as he thought that his relatives are just envious of him and didn’t want him to succeed  !

  I hope by now it’s starting to make some sense to you. 

He waited patiently for a few months but his ‘X’ could never recover the price it once had !  His stock price fell and consolidated at some price. But his stock could never see the light of day !

Two years had passed and there were no signs of recovery for his stock. Finally he decided to visit a stock market consultant and told him his entire story ! (including that aim on a piece of paper )

Consultant : I see that you have made a huge loss by trading with ‘X’. I see that your decision was good at the beginning but you should have been prepared for this !

Him : I know all this. Please give me a solution now !

Consultant : The solution is very simple. Since you mentioned that your aim was to make money by trading in any stock that had good performance so I want you to sell half of your shares in ‘X’ and buy some shares in ‘Y’  then after 2 months I want you to completely sell your shares in ‘X’  After sometime after you will recover your losses in ‘X‘ and if you are patient enough you will easily make some profit out of it !

Him : Your advise seems good to me and I’m convinced that I would make money if I do as you say. But I still have a doubt.

Consultant : Yes, please tell me.

Him : All you said is good but What about  ‘X’ ?

The consultant smiled at him.

You might feel how ridiculous this person might be. But he is an example of each one of us who are stuck with that ‘X’ in our lives. We do not want to let go of it. This story is applicable for not only relationships but also every such area within our lives which has demanded a lot from you.

It could be a relationship where people are not ready to get over their ‘ E‘ . It could be a relationship where people are not ready to forgive someone. It could be a relationship where people are not getting over the fact that they have been used as a doormat. 

It could also be a choice which once worked out pretty well back then but isn’t working well anymore. 

It could be a key that was meant to bring you the happiness that you always wanted but the key isn’t working the way it was promised to work.

It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have hope in anything. But we must always be clear of what we want and what we do not want in life. Just get ready to accept your corrections and mark a new beginning !

It doesn’t mean that we must not be patient. We ought to be patient but be ready to face the consequences that patience would demand from us.

I hope this post was relevant with you. Please feel free to comment below and let me know if you found this helpful !!



Derick Soans
He is an Aspiring Entrepreneur from Mumbai, India. He is also a Speaker, Blogger and an Electrical Engineer. He blogs about Technology, Employability and Psychology at classbunker and aims at encouraging people to find their life’s purpose via blogging.

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  1. Felt like I just ate the perfect food with starters then the delicious biryani and an awesome sweets in the end.
    It made me laugh at first then made me realise my mistake and then ended with giving me something to think on.
    Eagerly waiting for your next post

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