A helping hand !

Hello!! Myself Prachi 😃

I request you all to help me wherever I go wrong, okay? Cool. Let’s start. After all helping is what everyone of us need today.

So, how’s y’all ? And how everyone’s doing? Let ’s hope and assume that we are all good and doing great. Wait!! What?!! We are doing great regarding what? Family? Friends? Self? These are the most likely answers given by everyone of us.

But! Why only family, friends & self? Why to put a limit to helping?

  • Why not help a stranger when he/she feels embarrassed to ask for help in the crowd of unknown faces?

Everyone of us can feel that embarrassment, right? So, why to let feel that thing to anyone or even us?

  • Why not help a girl who’s getting molested in front of everyone on road by a group of rich, spoiled brats?

Just imagine your soul getting ripped by someone you don’t even know!

  • Why not help a person who cannot afford an expensive service?

We know, nothing is permanent except our kindness and love towards everyone!

  • Why do we always expect someone to do for us in return?

If you want to live a real life, at least once in a lifetime  help/do something for a person who won’t do anything for you in return.

Everyone of us knows the difference between right and wrong. But in search of comfort and human tendency of following the masses, we end up following the wrong herd and end up being a selfish person.

We can even help a person by smiling at him/her or by talking to them or just by being there for them.

And one of the most important thing a human being should always keep in mind is to never ever have ego in helping a person. It doesn’t matter if the person has done bad to you in the past, you should only keep in mind that you’re here to help everyone. After all, what you do shouldn’t be dependent on other person’s action instead it should be e reflection of our kindness and love.

Helping never meant that someone should do something big for someone. But helping means to make a person feel that he’s not weak, that he can achieve his goals on his own, that he don’t have any right to underestimate himself and his self-confidence and that he will always have you in the end.


If you ever feel like helping someone, don’t hesitate because they might be needing it badly!!

Trust me you’ll feel way beyond good!

If you keep helping others you’ll find that when in need you’ll be receiving help too. So, keep helping everyone because after all service to life is service to God.


Thank you 🙂

Prachi Pandey
She is a student of Electronics Engineering at A.C Patil college of Engineering. She is also a music enthusiast and likes singing as well as writing inspirational articles during her free time !

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  1. It seems you spoke your heart out! We actually need persons with such thoughts rather people who are bounded among couple of peoples around. Proud of you baby❤️💯

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