9 awesome tips on How to study for your exams in the last minute..!!!

Hey..!! I think exams are coming and all of us have just one question in mind, How to study for our exams? This has been the most complicated question of all time because everyone has some different method that suits them but Don’t worry here I present you  9 awesome tips on How to study for your exams in the last minute..!!! And yes it will work for everyone..!!

#1 Draw Diagrams

Yes..!! this is one simple tip that we totally ignore because of our LAZINESS..!! Believe me when I say that our brain is totally designed for visual representations.

The more you draw diagrams and flow charts the more easier it is to remember the answer..!! Mind maps are also very effective in helping you to remember complex theoretical answers.

#2 Use Scents or Gum to Jog Your Memory

 You must have heard about this scientifically proven fact that chewing gum while studying and chewing the same gum during exams helps you recall the answers. This is because chewing gum wakes you up it arouses you and as soon as you eat that same flavored gum again the brain starts to recall the things that happened the previous time you were eating it.

#3 Teach What You Have Learned

The best method to learn is to teach. Even I myself have experienced this. Whenever you teach someone it means that you have understood the concept better and then while teaching it automatically helps you revise the things you have learned. So definitely this is a must.


 #4 Speak Out Loud Instead of Simply Reading

This is also a scientifically proven fact. It seems a bit crazy but it definitely helps you to recall things in a better manner. You’re 50% more likely to remember things if you read it aloud instead of reading it over and over again.

P.S :- Do not try this method in a library..!

#5 Take Regular Study Breaks

Whenever you sit to study, plan it first. Divide your schedule properly including breaks. Now some people might like to read the whole book in one go but statistically speaking after 1.5 hrs everything you read gets poof..!! Why? Because your brain needs rest too..!! you need to take break of 15 mins after every 1 hr off study this will not help you to keep going but it will also motivate you and help you stay focused.

#6 Listen to the Correct Type of Music

Music is the best way to relax if you are stressed. But that does not mean you have listen to bass boosted songs to get psyched or have you concentration back.   You must listen classical songs because it helps you regain your focus and concentration. It also helps you meditate well.

#7 Don’t Stay Up All Night Before an Exam

 Whether it’s your final exam or your Unit test, whether you have read anything or not but do not stay up all night reading a book because a good night sleep is necessary to focus properly. IF you stay up all night , I bet you will feel irritated the next morning. One more reason to have a good sleep because when you sleep your brain starts recollecting all the information that it has gained so it helps you remember everything that you learnt and hence you must have a sound sleep of around 6-8 hours before an exam.

#8 Reward Yourself With A Treat

We humans have a special quality in us i.e. Greediness(No offense) but it depends on how we use it to our benefit. We can trick our brain by giving it a small treat for every answer that we read. This way we can trick our brain to focus on our studies and I guarantee it will give you better results..!!

#9 Do not.. I repeat Do not go for Group studies..!!

Although many people suggest group study as it will help you learn and grow along with your friends but being a student myself I know what we all do in group studies..!! So one thing that you have to avoid is GROUP STUDY..!!!



He is a Speaker/Trainer by profession at Studyleague Workshop Services. He is also a choreographer at MUX crew. Rajendra is a future Computer Engineer as well as a Whatsapp Influencer.

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