8 common impacts of technology on people that you need to know today !

Technology – The implementation of scientific knowledge to solve our daily life problems. In today’s world, technology is developing at a very rapid pace in every sector. With new inventions almost every day, Technology is helping us to make our lives easier. We cannot measure how is technology impacting our lives, but we all can definitely agree that it has revolutionized the way we do things..!!!  Everything in this world has its own two sides i.e. Positive and Negative & and technology is no exception. So below I am listing some ways in which technology impacts our life..!!

Positive Impacts 

1-Improved Reach And Worldwide Presence.

Use of technology has taken us far away from the traditional method of meeting people face-to-face. Since the time the mobile phone was invented people were happy that they can talk to their far away relatives easily but no one expected they would  be able to see their relatives in real time when they talk. Technology is going on improving in ways that we can’t even imagine. Nowadays we have to do one simple thing to get a worldwide reach, just create a Social media account and yes you have a worldwide reach now..!! So yes technology has definitely improved our reach in social as well as business sector. In business, Customers can be directly contacted to solve their problems and collect feedback. This helps business organizations to improve their service as well..!!

2-Freedom to Learn Anywhere, Anytime..!!

This is by far the best advantage of technology that people are having. Earlier there was one teacher and hundreds of students. The teacher student ratio was quite imbalanced but nowadays due to internet people can learn whatever they want to learn anytime, anywhere. Name the topic you want to learn and you will find at least 100 people waiting for you to come and learn. Whether it is a 100$ course or 1$ course you will find everything here. This was possible only because of the constant updation of our smartphones and the internet and obviously the generous people who want to teach..!!


Gone are those days when there was only a single Vaidya in a village and people had to wait for I don’t know how many hours to get a single appointment of  the Vaidya and along with that they had to follow the Vaidya’s instruction. But it’s 2017 now so we are gifted with something called technology which has also helped us in the health sector. Ever heard of practo.com it’s the best example of use of technology in health sector. With practo you can take appointments of doctor sitting at your home and that too with 1000’s of options between doctors.


Now this is something everyone is familiar with due to the demonetisation of 1000 & 500 notes by our PM Shri Narendra Modi just about a tear ago from now. Banks have improved their services by using technology to introduce electronic banking. E Banking allows you to perform all the banking functions from anywhere  Customers can use online banking facilities to transfer money or get financial information, they can also use smart cards to withdraw or deposit money on their accounts.

Negative Impacts


“With great power comes great responsibility” we all remember this epic dialogue right? But I want to modify it a little bit. According to me “With great technology comes greater bill” and yes this is true..!! Even though we have some low priced things available but most of the things definitely comes with a great price tag to it. Even in the business sector if a machine is capable of replacing 10 human beings it will definitely cost a fortune and along with that goes the maintenance charge too.!! So this is one of the major reasons technology is unavailable to most of the people..!!

2-Exposure to Unnecessary things and content

This is something pretty serious because whether it be a small child or an adult the content that we see on internet is not at all refined. Even though parental controls and various different security measures are available still people are prone to harmful things like the Blue Whale game and several violent things. It also includes exposure to the online content that students have, for e.g. whenever students are given homework they go and search the internet for an answer without any deep research which is not right.

 3-Absence of authentic life and Actual friends

Accepting the fact that our virtual social reach has increased but due to that our real social reach has decreased to a greater extent. People nowadays enjoy waiting for a reply in front of a computer than going out and meeting them personally. I agree that social networks have played a very big role in connecting people but it has also the loneliness factor in them. People might be having 1000 friends virtually but in reality they  have none and that’s because of a simple reason because they spend most of their time on their smartphones and computers instead of meeting so real people.

4-Endangered Private details

As people are trying to move towards the digital system they are ignoring a fact that this digital money and different assets that they have digitally are merely digital files..!! While transactions these files can be interrupted and modified to make you poor within a second. Due to E-Banking most of the details are stored on our phone and computers so it provides the hacker with your total financial details. When you are connected to internet, your computer will get an IP Address, and an experienced hacker can access your computer via your IP and take advantage of all your financial details.

Technology has brought a lot of changes in our life. Mostly it has helped us to make our lives simpler and easier by reducing the complexity of various jobs.It has also brought many effects which can save us from long procedures. But along with that it has some negative impacts too.!! The final decision obviously depends on how we use this technology in our lives and how we allow it to impact us..!!

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He is a Speaker/Trainer by profession at Studyleague Workshop Services. He is also a choreographer at MUX crew. Rajendra is a future Computer Engineer as well as a Whatsapp Influencer.

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