5 Online Business Ideas That Will Not Require Any Investment..!!!

In India most of the parents teach their kids to get a secure government job and get settled, but as of now due to campaigns like Make in India, the Indian youth is getting out of the classic secure job mentality and are willing to start their own business. As a result of this, from the past few years internet have noticed a huge increase in search requests like how to easily make money and how to start a business without any investments.


Make in india

So if you are reading this article i am sure that you are also searching for some ideas,so as the heading says i am going to share with you 5 online business ideas that won’t need any investment..!!

P.S :- This ideas won’t need money as an investment but it will definitely require your time and focus..!!!

Social media

1)  Social Media Marketing

Yes you heard it right. Social Media Marketing is one of the best and easiest ways to make money or to start a business online but hey ! wait, it won’t be exactly the marketing big agencies and professionals do instead it is one of the thing they suggest you do, that is shoutouts and Paid promotions..!! According to me this is the simplest way you can start a business.

What you will require?

1-Instagram page with 10k+ followers.(Will take 1-6 months)

2-Facebook page with 10k+ followers.(Will take 1-6 months)

How can you earn?

1-Paid Shoutouts

2-Paid posts and promotions

How much can you earn?

Easily around 3k-5k per month(per account).

Teaching business ideas


2) Online/Offline Teaching

As you all know the students in schools and colleges do not get personal attention due to which they suffer in studies so most of the students are more inclined towards external support for their studies so if you have the passion to teach and if you are pretty good at it then this is something you should do..!!

Online Teaching is also one of the most trending education business ideas nowadays.

Several different classes are often looking for good teachers,you can also start your own private tuition at you home. For online teaching you can start a YouTube channel and upload your videos there and once you have a good reach you can monetize your videos to generate income from it.

What will you require?

1-A camera to shoot lectures

2-Youtube channel

How can you earn?

1-Google Adsense on you channel

2-Personal coaching

3-Lecturer at some private classes or schools.

How much can you earn?

10k-50k per month.

Content Writer

3) Content Writing

Content writers are professional writers who write content for different websites according to the website’s need.If you have a passion for writing and are able to create some fantastic and awesome content for websites then you can start your own firm which writes content for different blogs,websites,and even newspapers..!!.

e.g:- Fiverr

What will you require?

1-A laptop/desktop

2-Account on websites which provide job to content writers

How can you earn?

1-Providing content to content seekers

How much can you earn?

5k-10k per month.

It Solution business


4) IT services

The internet is the place where most of the people hangout nowadays and that is because of all the high tech smartphones that we have with us nowadays.But what makes this smartphones special is the different apps that we can download and use in it.The downloading rate of the mobile apps is 30 million per day and that number is definitely giving us an indication..!!

So If you have an associate’s degree,bachelor’s degree or certificate in computer field then without any doubt this is the online business you want to start.Your job will mainly consist of building websites,apps for mobiles,software etc. and looking at the ever blooming mobile and telecom industry this is definitely the future high paying job..!!

What will you require?

1-A laptop/desktop


How can you earn?

1-By getting IT projects from different sources

How much can you earn?

10k-80k per month

Virtual Assistant Online Business

5) Virtual Assistant

This is something you all must be familiar with..!! no..?? okay let me explain Virtual Assistant is just a fancy name for the evergreen work from home typing jobs..!! But typing is just a part of it along with that you have to check and answer emails,organize to-do lists,update calendars,with minimal interaction.

What will you require?

1-A laptop/desktop

2-High speed Internet

How can you earn?

1-By assisting business persons

How much can you earn?

5k-15k per month

So these are the 5 online business ideas that you can start without any monetary investment although it will definitely need your time,dedication,focus to keep growing..!!

If you have any more ideas, do share it with us in the comments section..!!

He is a Speaker/Trainer by profession at Studyleague Workshop Services. He is also a choreographer at MUX crew. Rajendra is a future Computer Engineer as well as a Whatsapp Influencer.

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